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We provide a variety of structural inspections.  These range from a basic visual inspection to detailed invasive inspections.  Our team assesses the structural defects and provides a report outlining findings with solutions.  


Sometimes, construction work needs retrospective building regulations documentation.  This can come to light when re-mortgaging or selling a house, or when further works are needed on a property.  We can inspect the works carried out and provide the necessary documents.




We offer three standard inspections in relation to residential dwellings and barns to assist with, mortgage applications, insurance claims, house purchases or just for a peace of mind.

This is a visual inspection of the property followed by a brief report of our findings.  It makes recommendations for further site investigation, strengthening or repair.  The letter report is suitable for queries raised by a building surveyor, in particular for mortgage purposes.  As Chartered engineers, our qualifications are accepted by most mortgage providers.  

This is a visual inspection of the property.  It identifies structural defects.  A report is then compiled making recommendations for further investigation, strengthening or repairs.  The report will highlight the structural works needed to rectify the identified defects. 

If you have an existing barn and are trying to obtain permission (under Part Q) it is likely you will need a structural appraisal of the barn.  We can complete a structural inspection and make recommendations for the suitability of the barn to be converted into a residential dwelling.  

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