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When do you need a Structural Engineer?

Perhaps you have just gained planning permission for an extension, modification to your home or construction of a new building. Your next stage will be to obtain building regulations. To gain building regulations, a building control officer may require you to provide drawings and calculations for structural elements of your build project.  A structural engineer is best placed to provide this service.  Entos will liaise with you, the architect and building control to ensure that the structural design meets the requirements of the building regulations.

Below is list of some domestic examples that may require a structural engineer.  Entos can guide you through the structural aspects of a building regulations application by supplying drawings and calculations to support your application. A more concise list can be found at the following web address:

  • When erecting or extending a building

  • Conversion of a house to flats or bedsits

  • When building an attached, and some detached, garages

  • When making internal alterations which structurally affect the building

  • When converting a loft or roof space

  • Underpinning a building 

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